Barracuda Diving India is India's Premier Internationally Certified Diving Centre based in Baga, Goa. We specialise in offering a full range of International Certification dive courses, scuba diving equipment and dive travel services to destinations which include Goa, Karnataka, Maldives, Andamans and Lakshadweep.

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SSI Prices for the period October 2020 to April 2021


Description of the Course Cost
(Incl. GST 18%)
Basic Diver - 2 Half days - 2.30 to 5pm on Day 1 and 8am to 2pm on Day 2
Consists of a pool session and 1 dive to 12 mts for 45 minutes. This is NOT a certification course. NO swimming required
Basic Diver- 2 Half days - 2.30 to 5pm on Day 1 and 8am to 2pm on Day 2
Consists of an introduction to Scuba Diving and includes a video session, a pool session and 2 dives upto 12 mts depth of 45 minutes each at sea. This is NOT a certification course. No swimming required.
Scuba Diver - Day 1 - 10 am to 5pm - Video followed by pool training Day 2 - 8am to 2 pm - 2 dives - Min 10 years old
For those limited on time but wishing to head for a certification course. Consists of 1 classroom session including 3 modules of the full Open Water Course, 3 modules of the pool session and 2 open water dives. This certification course allows one to dive under the guidance of a dive professional. The student can continue for the Open Water certificate within 1 year of having completed this course. Includes FREE e-learning
Open Water Course - 2 days of theory & pool training followed by 2 days of diving - 4 dives Min 10 years old
The basic beginner's certification course consists of 6 Classroom modules, 4 Pool / Confined Water modules and 4 Open Water Dives. Course fee includes rental of equipment including Regulator, Octopus, Guages, Mask, snorkel & fins as well as FREE online e-learning, FREE insurance, Certification, Pool & Boat charges. Internationally recognised certification given enabling the student to dive anywhere in the world upto a max of 18 meters depth
Open Water Referral courses - 2 1/2 days - 2 to 4pm - Pool skills review Days 2 & 3 : 2 Open water dives per day
For those who have completed ALL theory and pool training elsewhere. Includes full equipment hire rental, pool charges, 4 open water dives and Certification Card. Students MUST submit completed Referral Forms prior to starting course.
Advanced Adventurer - 2 half days - 8am to 2pm - 5 dives (Min 12 years old) Prerequisite - Open Water certified diver
Consists of 5 Open Water Dives including the Core Dives (Deep & Navigation Dives) as well as 3 elective dives. Course fee includes rental of all equipment and Certification to dive anywhere in the world upto a max of 30 mts depth.
Stress & Rescue Speciality Course - 3 days - 8am to 2pm (Min 15 years old) Prerequisite - Advanced Adventurer
Consists of video session and 3 days of in-water training. Course fees includes rental of all equipment. Also includes boat fees & Certification
React Right - 1 day - 10am to 5pm No dives - Stand alone course
Consists of classroom training in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and First Aid. Course fees includes international certification
Speciality Courses - 8am to 2pm (Min 12 years old) Prerequisite - Open Water certified diver
UW Digital Photo - Rs.16,000.00, Wreck Diver - Rs.15,000.00, Equip Specialist -1 Day - Rs.9,500.00, Night / Ltd viz - Rs.15,000.00 SOD (Min 18 years old) -Rs.8,500.00, Search & Recovery - Rs.15,000.00 UW Nav - Rs.15,000.00, UW Nat - Rs.15,000.00, UW Videography course - Rs.16,000.00 EANX - 2 days / 2 dives - Rs.16,000
Dive Guide / Dive Master - min 3 weeks Min 15 years old Prerequisite - S&R with RR + own equip
Full course with study materials and annual membership - includes Dive Guide course Entry - 24 dives Exit - 60 dives Make up dives charged @ Rs.5,000.00 per 2 dives with full equipment
On Request
Assistant Instructor - Min 3 weeks (Entry 60 dives Exit - 75 dives) min 18 years old Prerequisite - Dive Master + own equip
Equiv of the Assistant Instructor course. Includes annual membership.
On Request
Instructor Crossover Program - 2-3 days Prerequisite - Certified Instructor of an internationally
For certified instructors of other agencues only. Includes Crossover Kit and annual membership fees
On Request
Instructor Training course - 14 days Prerequisite - Dive Control Specialist or equiv with an internationally recognised agency in which case they must complete the Science of Diving Speciality
Includes preparation for ITC, all study materials, membership application, 1 year membership fees as well as Instructor exam
On Request
Respond Right Instructor course - 1 day - Prerequisite - Dive Control Specialist or Open Water Instructor
Includes study materials and membership fees
On Request
Advanced Open Water Instructor - 2 days - Prerequisite - Must be Open Water Instructor & Speciality Instructor
Includes study materials and membership fees
On Request
Credit card payments are charged 2.50% extra for bank charges. Prices subject to change without notice.



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